7 July

Top 10 Team Building Exercises At Work

Promoting more effective communication, fostering trust and developing the superior working relationships that will allow your staff to function as a more efficient team offers a great way to invest in your businesses future. With plenty of workshops, exercises and other team building opportunities and activities to make use of, creating a more organized and efficient staff might be an easier undertaking than you would have thought. Investigating the various options and tools you have to make use of can be an important first step towards creating a superior professional and working environment or social dynamic.

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17 May

How To Build Your Teamwork With Exercises

Whether you are running a company or leading a sports team, you’ll find that teamwork is not always something that develops on its own. Some teams just seem to click, but if you find that things are just not flowing, there are a few exercises that you should try.

One classic example is the human knot. Have everyone stand in a circle, close their eyes and reach towards the middle. Have them take hands with the first person they reach, and then, when they open their eyes, have them try to unknot themselves without letting go at all.

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25 March

Teamwork And How It Can Help Your Business

We’ve all flinched at the overly-happy, overly-enthusiastic motivational speakers that go on about teamwork, but the truth is that teamwork makes your company run more smoothly. A team that works well together can pull together in a time of crisis, and they will trust one another a great deal more and they will help each other.

In the first place, remember that competition happens outside of the team, not inside it. If you make people compete for things like time off and other perks, they are not going to help each other, and as a matter of fact, they might Read the rest of this entry »

5 August

Team Building Exercises That Help Your Business

Team building is about breaking down barriers and increasing comfort levels among team members, builds solidarity and unity. This allows each member to feel comfortable contributing to the team effort. Here are two of the many team-building exercises that can pull a team together regardless of its size.
Spot the lie – Each member of the team writes down four statements about themselves, three of which are truthful and one of which is a lie. Then, in turn, each person stands Read the rest of this entry »

1 August

Helping Your Company Grow Through Teamwork

When you run a company you want it to be successful. One part of the company that helps make it a success are the employees, or the team of people, you have working for you. When you have a great team of employees who are able to work together it will help grow your company.

Employees do not have to be friends but do need to have respect and trust for each other. Those two elements are needed for building any relationship including at the work place. When employees Read the rest of this entry »

31 July

Working As A Team Makes You Succeed

Unless you are a writer, private investor or a fisherman, chances are that you are involved in group dynamics at your place of work. Teamwork is a cherished characteristic because, as every successful business knows, if they hire people focused as a team, then there goals will be met.

In a team-oriented environment, every individual works together for the good of the whole. This means there is not competition between different positions because each one is contributes to the project or goal.

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28 July

The Importance Of Working As A Team

Teamwork is important for several reasons but the main reason teamwork is so important is that the work that needs to be done gets done quicker and is often much more effective and productive.

Teamwork also is important because by bringing a group of people together, you bring different ideas and ways of getting things done and you bring in creative talents that come from each person. Such creativity will help bring solutions to the problem at hand. In addition, teamwork also brings in various Read the rest of this entry »

25 July

How Working As A Team Can Make You Shine

For those attempting to complete a project, whether it be casual or work, can greatly benefit from doing things as a team. Attempting to complete a project alone can often lead to failure. However, working with others on a project can make it possible to combine the knowledge of those working on the project. This often causes a greater result that an individual working alone.

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